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A 360 ° Agile Audit will be your best investment to target your transformation efforts.

Doing daily status meetings and changing Project Manager positions to the Scrum Master roles is not enough to call your company an Agile organization. In addition to incorporating Agile practices, it is necessary to anchor the Agile mindset in every employee.

CredoNobis has many years of experience with planning, implementing, and anchoring Agile Transformations. The results from working with different customers have made us experts in performing 360 ° Agile Audits.

Together with all-important influencers – leaders, managers and Agile teams, CredoNobis assemble data about your current Agile situation in the organization. Based on this, we create a comprehensive overview of the transformation and forthcoming change activities.

We review the suggested solutions and explore the hidden potential in the management team and the individual team members.
You will be in a better position to prioritize your efforts and define a targeted action plan for the Agile transformation.

Knowing the extent of transformation will give you the confidence to choose your focus areas without new or expensive surprises.

You are able to create a communication plan, which can make the entire transformation process transparent and clear to your employees. This will improve employee satisfaction and minimize change challenges.

If you have any doubts about how we can help you or your employees, contact us and learn more about our services.

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