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Coaching – a powerful tool at work

Achieve synergy between your hardcore competencies and soft skills. Learn coaching methods and tools that create worthy relationships and balanced work.

To be a good leader or consultant, it is vital to handle everyday challenges in a professional manner and with respect for each other’s differences.
Powerful coaching is a modern tool used at work, which allows you to prevent and resolve conflicts in a recognizable manner. You get the techniques to realize the reason for the obstacles and see the challenges from different perspectives.


  • Why should I and others care about coaching?
  • ICF core competencies and ethical guidelines
  • Introduction to the CROW coaching model
  • The coach’s characteristics and active listening
  • The Communication Circle
  • Powerful questioning techniques
  • Create trust and establish coaching flow
  • Conflict handling and positioning
  • Obstacles and shadows

You get:

  • Knowledge of coaching as a work and communication tool
  • Clarity about the differences between coaching, counselling and therapy
  • Concrete coaching method for conducting coaching sessions
  • Specific techniques to prevent or resolve conflicts
  • Tools to facilitate difficult conversations and meetings
  • Questionnaires for solution-oriented communication
  • Using a coaching management approach to inspire and motivate


Time and place:
Duration from kl. 9.00-16.00 either at our or the customer’s premises, as agreed

Alternative teaching methods:
Contact us if you want to learn more about business courses or lectures about the subject

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