CredoNobis Coaching - Agile Transformation Roadmap workshop - action plan for the changesAgile Transformation Roadmap

A workshop is for you who wish to get an overview of the required future changes and want a joint action plan with sharp interim goals and success criteria for your Agile transformation.

The intention of transforming your organization into being Agile does not mean knowing how to get there and what your success criteria should be in order to achieve a successful transformation.

The implementation of the organizational change and the duration of the transformation process is usually underestimated by most companies.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide the overview of the forthcoming agile transformation and define the roadmap.

We facilitate the workshop based on the company´s / department’s strategic plans and culture.

You gain insight into the implementation approach and what it will take to achieve the ultimate successful Agile transformation, maintaining a stable company growth and at continuously satisfied employees.
You become clear on how to communicate the upcoming change activities while retaining employee motivation and engagement.


    • Value creating transformation processes (ADKAR)
    • The Agile Vision and change considerations
    • The ultimate transformation goal and corporate culture
    • Sub-goals and success criteria (SMART)
    • Guidelines for the Agile Transformation

    You get:

    • The expectation of the valuable Agile change in the organization
    • An understanding of the obstacles to reaching the goals and possible solutions
    • Overview of Agile transformation scope and suggested prioritization

    Leaders, Leader groups, Team Leaders, Managers, Process Consultants, Change Agents, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and everyone who play an important role in implementing the Agile transformation.

    Time and place:
    The workshop lasts 6 hours. As a starting point the workshop will be held on your premises with a maximum of 12 participants

    Alternative teaching methods:
    Contact us if you are interested in hearing more about the possibilities for a two days course or introduction.

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