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The presentation is for you who wish to learn about the important levels in all living systems, and how the relationship between them will create balance in your company or department. These safe environments will make your employees aim for doing their best and stay longer in your organization.

Sustainable leadership is about creating safe and inspiring surroundings for your employees, giving direction and a meaningful purpose of contributing to a level that exceeds their own beliefs.

Your trustworthy and inspiring behavior will invite them to take ownership of their work while developing themselves personally and professionally.
As a leader, you gain knowledge of how a company works like a living organism. You gain insights into the living system as well as the importance of focusing on the elements that balance the strategic-, value-based- and operational leadership.

You gain knowledge about how to create sustainable and trustworthy leadership that motivates and contributes to the employee’s well-being.


  • Introduction to the 8 logical levels
  • Review of the elements at the strategic level
  • Review of the elements at the operational level
  • What creates the link between your business strategy and everyday life
  • How sustainable management is important for the company’s survival

You get:

  • Clarity about balancing living systems
  • Knowledge about the relationship between personal and company values
  • Insight into sustainable management and employee retention

Leaders, business owners, executives, managers, team leaders, project managers, and entrepreneurs.

Time and place:
This 3-hour presentation takes place in your company. Contact us for further information.

Alternative teaching methods:
Contact us if you are interested in hearing more about the possibilities for a one-day course or a leadership workshop.

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