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There are no universal guidelines for implementing Agile transformations!

The transformation approach differs from company to company, and there is a need for agile guidelines throughout the process of change.

Everybody knows the “Best practice” method. You most probably know the simple steps to solve your challenges, by using “the shortest way”:

  • You admit a challenge and decide to change it
  • You find out what others have been doing and which tools and methods they have been using
  • You implement their “Best Practice” in your company, for it will most probably also work for you.

But…the shortest way is not the best way.

Our experience shows, that it is difficult to be successful by going directly from the awareness phase to the implementation phase. You simply must challenge yourself to make a deeper analysis. You must be clear in your convictions, hurdles, and possibilities. And you can use this wisdom to create your own innovative solutions and sustainable management strategies.
Communication and planning of the changes are crucial for your success.

As a manager, you must take responsibility for the transformation with your innovative process and anchoring in the organization.


All the way through

You yourself will be in control of your company growth process by agreeing with us on the desired process speed and our involvement. We may meet you on your way down in the clarifying and creation process, or we can guide you all the way to the implementation of changes.


The acknowledgment of the present situation is the first step in your awareness process. We function as a catalyst creating clarity around your possibilities and resources.

You have the driving role in the analysis process. By clarifying the value set, vision, and mission for your company, we guide you with our tools and methods towards a stable and robust company foundation.

By determining your strategies and development approach, you draw your own unique future for your company. We help you to define the scope of change, prioritize working areas and define goals and semi-goals.


When you find out what you want to achieve and how to make the change, we will propose to help you on your way by using our long professional experience.

You will get a broad spectrum of different communication and coaching tools, which will save you time and optimize the change process.

By using different methods you can define the change initiatives and their economic frames.

You will be able to establish responsible and motivated teams with a clear division of roles and responsibilities.

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