CredoNobis Coaching - Well-functioning teams workshop _ LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodWell-functioning teams

A workshop for you who wish to learn what creates a sense of engagement and motivation in a high-performance team.

Teams who know their values and rules of engagement treat each other with respect and acknowledge the differences. They are characterized by a high energy level, being resourceful and generating momentum, which provides a high profit.

The purpose of the workshop is to define the team’s identity and collaboration rules.

The workshop is facilitated based on each team member’s values and ways of working to create coherence and team spirit within the group. We use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method to develop solutions in a fun and entertaining way.

Through exercises in finding individuals’ intrinsic motivation and common solutions for the team, you form well-functioning teams and happy team members.
You gain insight into how to acknowledge and appreciate your team members’ efforts while at the same time being authentic. You gain knowledge about how to unleash your team’s potential and create team synergy.



  • Personal values and behavior
  • Team identity and core values
  • Agreed ways of working and rules of engagement

You get:

  • Simple guiding principles for well-functioning teams
  • Clarity about what it takes to create progress in your team
  • Insight into your team’s potential and resources

Agile Teams, Leaderships groups, Project Teams and dysfunctional teams

Time and place:
The workshop lasts 5 hours. As a starting point, the workshop will be held on your premises with a maximum of 12 participants.

Alternative teaching methods:
Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the opportunities for leadership workshops or lectures where you will learn about different tools to define the team’s identity and collaboration rules.

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