CredoNobis Coaching - Valuable leadership and meaningful work workshop _ LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodValuable leadership and meaningful work

A workshop for you who want to get clarity and a shared understanding of the ultimate goal for your team.

Management with purpose and clear guidelines are the basis for valuable leadership and meaningful work for teams.

The purpose of the workshop is to define the team’s vision and mission.
We facilitate the workshop based on the company´s / department’s strategic plans or the team’s purpose to create meaningful ways of working. In an entertaining way and by using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, we create the North Star, which will guide and motivate the team to reach the final goal.

You will learn how motivation and commitment can stay alive by knowing the purpose of the assignment and making your work meaningful.
Your insight into the valuable tasks will be a tool for clear communication, by setting clear goals and sharp guidelines.

A workshop for you who wish to learn what creates a sense of engagement and motivation in your team.


  • Knowledge about strategy, growth- and progress plans
  • We create together team Vision which gives purpose for each team member
  • We create together the team Mission and guidelines for the implementation

You get:

  • A motivated team eager to reach the common goal
  • A team who consider the team’s work as meaningful and creating value
  • Awareness of the obstacles to reaching the goal and suggested solutions
  • Clarity about how to retain focus and progress

Demotivated teams, project teams, management teams, agile teams, teams lacking goals and direction or dysfunctional teams.

Time and place:
The workshop lasts 5 hours. As a starting point, the workshop will be held on your premises with a maximum of 12 participants.

Alternative teaching methods:
Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the opportunities for leadership workshops or lectures where you will learn about different tools to define the team’s vision and mission.

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