CredoNobis Foundation for sustainable collaboration

We work at CredoNobis based on a holistic approach to running a business.
It is important to us that there is a clear correspondence between name, slogan, and logo.
Our behavior is based on our core values!

We aim to achieve sustainable collaboration based on value behavior and transparency.

CredoNobis the name: comes from Latin and means FAITH & US. Believe that you have the potential to achieve what you want.
For our company, it is important to create sustainable relationships with customers, partners, and employees. Trust is created by believing it will contribute to, each other’s intentions and behavior.

We believe in YOU and your development potential!

And we believe that we can be your inspiring sparring partner to sustainable management and stable company growth.

Slogan: Believe in improvement! Kaizen
Change is good, but it cannot stand alone. The positive changes and the belief in continuous development keep us alive and create improvement.

Logo: For us, there are three management approaches in every company. Values, Strategic and operational management. These are represented in our logo.
The values are the core of the logo symbol. They are a binding element between the operational management and the strategic management of the company.


In CredoNobis, we have five core values, and each forms part of the company’s foundation.
These five values govern how we work in the company and what methods we use with our customers.

  • DEVELOPMENT: We are a company where we are inquisitive and curious about our surroundings and relationships. We learn new and exciting things every day that help us develop personally and professionally. We have the courage to dare to try new and exciting challenges that are just a little harder than the ones we tried last time.
  • QUALITY: We want to be identified with professionalism in every initiative we take. We always strive for the best, without being too perfectionist. It is important for us to reflect on the challenges and our success story to evaluate and improve the quality of our work. It is important for us to provide well-developed products and professional services to our customers. We ensure clear messages through open and clear communication, and this ensures quality in the collaboration with our customers and partners.
  • LOYALTY: With respect for our diversity, we support each other and are dedicated to the common goal. We do not give up but support each other, even if there are challenges. In order to keep our integrity intact, it is important to us that we are loyal to ourselves, to our colleagues and to our customers.
  • HUMOR: We have a positive view of life’s and work’s challenges, and we use humor as a tool to resolve conflicts and to provide constructive feedback. It is important for us to have fun with what we do and to look forward to coming to work every morning. Our joy, profit and energy are contagious in our customer relationships and it makes us passionate about being at work.
  • RECOGNITION: We listen to understand and to recognize each other in our collaboration. We are caring and empathic, and it is important for us in everyday life to praise and give each other and our customers a pat on the back.