Forandringsudfordringer - medarbejdere og ledere

Resistance for change

There are no shortcuts to transformation and there are always challenges and resistance.

Changes often create fear and resistance in the organization and especially when the transformation is forced on the company from outside or from above. The fear may be real, of redundancies, new working areas, different work procedures – but it may also be a fear of changes, bigger demands towards the individual employee, and for a leader to lose the great picture.

CredoNobis guides to methods that may diverge fear of changes and support the company in implementing the desired strategies without human loss, stress sick notes, and interrupted implementation process.

Management challenges

  • Details are in focus (e.g. a specific product), but there is no plan for the long-term goals (the vision).
  • Short-term solutions and short-term decisions are made.
  • There is a strategy, but it is not based on the company’s or management’s or staff values.
  • The core competencies of the company are not mapped.
  • There is predominantly focus on financial results here and now.
  • The division of roles and responsibilities in the company is unclear.


Employee challenges

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